Discovering the Sweet Spot

If I had to pick the most common reason for job dissatisfaction and work malaise among my clients, it would not be compensation. Or job security. Or lack of promotions and career progression. It’s not even the bad boss or crazy co-corkers (though that would be in second place!). In first place is a mismatch between skills/talent and the actual work, leading to lack of motivation, boredom, and anxiety... more
Those Action Verbs

Recognizing - and saying - you accomplished something is important. There is no place this is more esential than on your resume. Every bullet point on a resume counts. And how you start each one wins you at least 50% of the battle. The use of clear past tense action verbs at the beginning of sentences is where it’s at... more
In This Together

Life is difficult. It breaks all of us. Work stress, relationship challenges, family demands, mortgages and bills, the price of zucchini going up due to the organic movement in your town… it all adds up. Well, when you are curled up in the fetal position under your desk, or taken the day off and lying on your sofa eating ice-cream, remember….. more
Work Sucks

Work sucks. Universal truth. But why is something the majority of the planet does, for 8 to 12 hours per day (adding up to about two thirds of one’s life) so oddly tenuous? At least part of the answer is that many of us are engaged in doing work that bears no correlation to who we really are. Our unique talents and abilities are not matched to our jobs. We are stuck in careers and lives chosen .. more
Don’t Quit Your Day Job (just yet)

Sarah quit her advertising job and became an organic farmer. Tom quit banking and became a biker. Kat left a career in PR and became a horticulturist. Countless books on bestseller lists are full of stories like this. So ubiquitous is the trend that two friends of mine recently decided to write a spoof titled “How to Quit Your Job and Start a Vegan Bakery.”.. more

Resume Service
Our model is a little different.

It's not about job descriptions. We really believe in figuring out your actual value + impact, and then optimizing every single bullet point with that information.
Career Coaching
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Confucius

Easier said than done, Confucius. That’s where we come in.
Resume guidance, interview best practices, personal branding. Career challenges, anxiety, inevitable constraints. Life. Getting it done in the face of it all. Data points, charts, graphics, drawings, and other fun stuff.
Lumiere Love
"The analytical mind of an MBA combined with the heart and soul of a good teacher.. Hira is an unusual - albeit stunningly effective - source of help" Niki Gomez, MIT 09

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